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Prateek Kumar Agarwal

Assistant Manager - Data & BI
Zypp Electric

Sai Santosh Narukurthi

Senior Data Analytics

Shruti Khandelwal

Senior Executive Data
Dr Lal PathLabs

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Frequently asked questions

What we offer that I cannot get at other platforms?

With us you will learn a job practically, not just focus on the technical skills, but the entire job role. Gain hands-on experience and also get feedback on your work.

How long these programs take to complete ?

Most programs would take about 3 months or 90 days to complete provided you spend about 20 minutes a day for learning and practicing.

Will there be a certificate at the end ?

Yes, even with the free program there will be certificates issued.

Is there a fee involved anywhere ?

There is no fees, no hidden charges or any other place where you have to spend any money to complete the program.

However, if you love our way of learning and wanted to learn advanced concepts then you can purchase our courses from Udemy directly. 

What If I wanted a break in between ?

Your access to the program will be revoked if you are inactive for more than 15 days. 

Should I wait for 90 days to earn my certificate ?

No, you can complete the program earlier and earn the certificate earlier too.